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If you’ve always wanted to remodel your Calgary, AB home but don’t know where to begin, we recommend beginning with your door. It may seem like such a small step, yet you’ll be amazed at how much it can enhance your home’s energy efficiency, serenity, curb appeal, and home value. With years of experience installing doors for Calgary, AB homeowners, Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. has seen countless homeowners reap the benefits of our door replacements.


Energy Efficiency

Enjoy lower utility bills with a fully functional and properly insulated front door. According to, replacing your old door with an energy efficient one that meets the program’s standards can decrease your utility bills by as much as 15%. Professionally installed by Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. in Calgary, AB, they can minimize heat loss and keep out chilly drafts to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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We know that Calgary, AB neighborhoods can be quite noisy. The insulating properties of Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. door replacements not only prevent conditioned air from escaping, but they also stop noise from coming in. This way, you get to relax inside a quiet home by simply closing your new door.

Curb Appeal

Give your home an elegant facelift with our range of fiberglass entry doors in Calgary, AB. Fiberglass doors mimic the sophistication of wood grain without warping, twisting, or rotting. Combined with decorative glass panels, Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. blends perfectly with any architectural style for a luxurious aesthetic.

Home Value

You should know that a beautiful, energy efficient door holds much appeal for buyers and passersby. It’s even possible to recover your door replacement costs when you have a high quality entry door installed with Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. in Calgary, AB.

Improved Security

Currently, manufactured front doors are more secure than older models. Quality steel and fiberglass doors are stronger, constructed with new technologies to resist forced entry. Each side of a modern door is typically molded in one piece or fused together by new techniques such as industrial lasers or advanced adhesives. Combined with updated bolt locking systems and wide angle peepholes, Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. entry door replacement in Calgary, AB adds an extra level of security to your home.

Advanced Durability

In addition to improved security, today’s steel and fiberglass doors offer more durability with less maintenance. Their reinforced cores resist warping, chipping and peeling, unlike older wood models. High-quality wood doors can have a lifespan similar to those constructed of steel and fiberglass but will require more frequent maintenance, such as painting or staining. While a real wood door may be beautiful, many homeowners prefer models that require less maintenance. Some fiberglass doors even come with faux wood grain finishes that are very realistic.

Of course, these benefits only come when your replacement door is installed by experienced contractors like Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. We’re excited to help you make a more comfortable, beautiful home! Call us today at Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. to get your Calgary, AB project started.