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Patio Covers


Patio Covers

Your Calgary, AB home is the central point in your life and most homeowners are continually looking for ways to improve it. Installing a patio cover creates a safe place to enjoy the sun without the risk of harmful UV rays and heat-related illness, and also provides a natural gathering place for you and your family and friends. Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. patio cover installation will simply allow you to enjoy your home more. Choosing the right patio cover is a key consideration. Your patio cover should not only add to your space, but it should enhance it as well. So which type should you get?


Types of Patio Covers

Ready to install a patio cover with Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd.? The first thing that you need to decide on is the make and the design. Our Calgary, AB patio covers come in different makes and designs. Patio covers are made of different materials including wood, canvas, and aluminum.

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Wooden Patio Cover Installations

Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. wooden patio covers in Calgary, AB offer the beauty of wood and solid construction. Typically, wooden covers are attached to the side of your house, expanding your home’s space as well as enhancing it. These covers come in different designs including lattice design and porch awnings among others. Most of the time wooden patio covers are lattice type and designed to let sunlight in.

Metal Patio Cover Installations

Metal patio covers are both durable and strong. Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. metal patio covers can be freestanding structures and can also be attached to the side of your Calgary, AB house. Metal patio covers can be made entirely from solid metal or the frame can be metal and the cover a different material. A lot of times, metal patio covers are made from tin or in our next case, aluminum.

Aluminum Patio Cover Installations

Aluminum patio covers are made of aluminum both as the frame and shade panels. A good thing to note about aluminum is that it does not conduct heat, and can even reflect the sun’s rays. Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. aluminum patio covers generally have a baked on paint finish and can be embossed with a wood texture. Aluminum patio covers in Calgary, AB are also generally less expensive and easier to install.

Patio Covers Inexpensively Expand Living Space

Imagine sitting on your patio and enjoying the fresh air during a rain shower. You can experience the cool breeze of the night air without getting wet. Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. in Calgary, AB specializes in expanding and enhancing outdoor living spaces by making patios more livable. Let the children play outside under a covered patio without fear of sunburns.

Styles and Options for Patio Covers

Our options for patio covers are every bit as attractive as they are secure. Patio covers installed by Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. in Calgary, AB also come with their own gutter systems that route water away from your patio floor and your building's foundation. You may choose to add screens or have your patio made window ready. Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. can even convert your patio into a screen room or sunroom. There is a wide variety of options available, and Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. can help you choose the design and options that will best suit your needs and stick within your budget.

Whatever your vision for your patio, Fresh Approach Renovations Ltd. in Calgary, AB can help you see it through. When quality counts, call the pros who install patio covers the right way, each and every time. All necessary permits will be pulled and local building codes adhered to. Call today for more information.